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Personalized Party Favors | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Even though party favors seem like a really small detail in the planning of your big day, a party favor can highlight your personality and be a fun way to show your appreciation for your guests. In addition to a “thank you” card after the event, there are thousands of fun and creative ideas for […]

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The Perfect Venue For Your Big Day | Minneapolis Wedding Photographers

You’re sitting in your local coffee shop. The scent of fresh coffee beans and lemon poppyseed muffins fill your senses. You have your overly large binder along with you titled “Wedding Plans.” You take a sip of coffee, open up your binder to find one of the sections of your notes missing…the venue! Choosing where […]

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Make Your Night Shine | Minneapolis Event Lighting

When looking back at your wedding photos someday, you want to see just what you had always dreamed of. You and your husband, freshly married, happy as can be. Why not make that photo even more perfect by incorporating beautiful Minneapolis Event Lighting. Event lighting is a great way to make your ceremony and reception […]

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Photo Station Fun! | Minneapolis Wedding Photographers

Capturing all the wonderful memories that you make with your loved ones is key on your wedding day.  While all aspects of the wedding are generously documented by your wedding photographer throughout the day, there tends to be only a small selection of photographs taken at the wedding reception after the meal.  If you believe […]

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Spice Up Your Wedding Reception | Minneapolis Wedding DJ

If you’re going to celebrate you might as well go big! There are tons of creative ways to bring a little action to your reception. You always want your guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest but you also want a few keepsakes to take away from the memorable experience as well. The solution is […]

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It’s All Fun And Games | Minneapolis Wedding Planning

Dancing the night away is a great way for guests to help the bride and groom celebrate their new marriage and life together but not everyone likes to dance! Getting your guests involved on your big day is key in the Minneapolis Event Planning process. You’ll want to find creative ways for your guests to […]

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The Little Details | Minneapolis Event Planners

The second we hear clinking glasses at a wedding, it is tradition to have the bride and groom cheers and kiss. Having customized champagne glasses would be just the thing to take your day the extra mile. Details are key in any wedding but focusing on the little details, in the end will make your […]

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Five Ways To Get Your Bridesmaids To Say I Do | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Once the engagement and major details of the wedding are set in stone such as the venue and the date. One of the next steps would be to decide who you would like to have by your side on your big day! This can be a hard decision for those that have a large group […]

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Adding a Little Something Extra to Your Wedding Day | Uniquely Bellagala

Making your special stand out amongst many weddings occurring during the same season can be a tricky thing to do. Thankfully, Bellagala offers many services that can transform your wedding from a routine get-together to a stunning event that will be remembered forever! The first way to amaze your guests is to paint the walls […]

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