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Tossing of the Bouquet | Minneapolis Wedding Florists

You have spent hours picking out your perfect bridal look and especially the stunning bouquet that completes your vision. Now you have to give away part of your special day to one of your guests? Although the tossing of the bouquet is a beloved wedding tradition, there is room for the bride to alter the […]

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Beautiful Ways to Display Your Wedding Bouquet | Minneapolis Wedding Photographers

The day has finally come and you are walking down the aisle with the bouquet of your dreams! Your dress, ring, and memories of your wedding will last a lifetime, however your flowers are one aspect of your special day that will not. Thankfully there are Minneapolis Wedding Photographers that can capture the beauty of […]

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5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Wedding Budget | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. There are so many different aspects to take into account with the dinner, cake, flowers, venue, etc. The list seems to be never ending. The more you add, the more money you have to spend! Eliminating guests is one way to save money, but it can be […]

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2013 Summer Floral Trends

As the summer is quickly approaching, the demand for Minneapolis Wedding Florists is rapidly growing. Each season’s trends for wedding flowers are constantly changing, ranging anywhere from bright, bold hues to neutral, pale colors for your special day. Summer flowers tend to be bright and bold to stand out, but your flowers don’t always have […]

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