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Keeping it Green On Your Wedding Day| Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Recently, a growing percentage of Minnesota couples have been adding more “green” to their wedding day. And no – We’re not talking about the color! We’re talking about eco-friendly celebrations, where Bellagala clients can enjoy their special day just as much as Mother Nature can. Because we live in the great state of Minnesota, known for its’ lakes, wildlife and healthy living, being green and conscious of how we treat our environment is an authentic representation of how much we love living here. If you and your beau are looking to keep it green on your special day, our Minneapolis Wedding Planners can offer you some insights on slight alterations you can make, to make it an environmentally conscious affair.

Stationary. The first piece of advice that we offer for keeping it green, is emailing your save the date’s and wedding invitations. This option not only cut costs for printing, stationary, supplies, etc. but it also cuts back on the amount of paper you use. And everyone knows the simple equation that less paper used = less trees used. However, if email isn’t for you, since we do know how fun it is to craft these invitations, maybe just try using recycled paper or environmentally friendly materials!




Attire. Choosing what to wear on your wedding day is without a doubt one of the most fun wedding decisions you’ll make. Who doesn’t love playing dress up? If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option in this department, consider reusing a wedding dress. Maybe revamping mom or grandmas wedding dress, to add your own personal flair and keep it current with today’s styles. Reusing a family wedding dress is so special, and can be an amazing way to keep a tradition alive. Plus, you’re making a “green” choice by using less materials.





Outdoor Weddings. There’s just something about outdoor weddings… They’re absolutely beautiful in the Spring and Summer! Having an outdoor wedding allows your guests to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, provides the perfect ambiance for your romantic ceremony, and best of all is an eco-friendly option. Outdoor weddings cut back on both electricity and heating / cooling, being that all of that happens naturally outside!




Trash & Recycle Bins. Throughout the course of your special day, and at the reception in particular, lots of trash is likely to accumulate. With this, it’s just important to remember to recycle glass, paper, plastic, etc. Offering both trash and recycling bins at your ceremony as well as reception, helps your guests to remember too!

In the end, it’s your special day, and doing what matters to you is the most important thing. If keeping it “green” on your wedding day is something you value, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professional wedding planners for some more awesome ideas!




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