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Ready, Set, Get Married! | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

There’s nothing quite like the loyalty Minnesotans have for their sports teams. Win or lose, most of our fans still follow their favorite teams. If you’re a die hard fan, you’ll love incorporating your favorite team into your wedding.  Whether you met through a sport, share the mutual love for a team, or have a strong team rivalry, incorporating sports into your wedding day can be a fun and personal twist! Besides, a little healthy competition is never a bad thing! Past Bellagala clients have found adorable ways to highlight their love of each other and the love of the game.

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A Minneapolis Wedding Planner can help you find the best way to incorporate your love of sports into your wedding. Whether it’s with decorations, the venue, or even your wedding day attire, make it personal! Some of the best wedding day photos are those that show off your true personalities and interests. Various sports venues are even available for a ceremony or reception. Here in Minnesota, Target Field or TCF Bank Stadium are popular wedding locations. There’s nothing more fun than a sunny day at an outdoor stadium. Why not incorporate these fun events into your big day?

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