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Personalized Party Favors | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Even though party favors seem like a really small detail in the planning of your big day, a party favor can highlight your personality and be a fun way to show your appreciation for your guests. In addition to a “thank you” card after the event, there are thousands of fun and creative ideas for party favors that reflect both the bride and groom’s personalities and styles.

Wedding favors can be as simple as offering flip flops for dancing or can koozies for drinks. Not only will your guests use their gift during the event, but they can take them home and remember your amazing wedding the next time they use them! Past Bellagala clients have created some cute keepsakes for their guests.

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One couple gave each of their guests a plant. Another couple chose “two peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers. Combining a party favor with a place card can eliminate some of the clutter from your reception and guarantee that each guests receives their favor.

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In addition to your guests, it is important to give your wedding party something special to say thanks for all they do for you! Simply giving your bridesmaids personalized dress hangers can keep your dresses organized, show your appreciation, and make for even cuter dress photos!

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Edible party favors have become more popular with past Bellagala clients. Something as simple as a candy table will leave your guests with sweet memories from your event! If you choose to have a candy bar, you can have either your favorite candies or match the candies with the color scheme of your wedding. One couple even had personalized M&M’s with their wedding date and photos.

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Wedding favors like these can be as simple or as complicated as you wish! Need some help brainstorming the perfect favors? A Minneapolis Wedding Planner can help you find a unique and easy way to personalize your favors!

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