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5 Touches for a True Minnesotan Wedding| Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Living in Minnesota can at times be a love / hate relationship.  During our 6-month-long winters for example, suffering through the typical -20 degree day, it’s definitely hard to remember why we choose to live here. Doesn’t Florida sound so much more appealing? However through the ups and downs, we endure, and in the end we wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home. After great deliberation, we’ve compiled the top 5 ways to showcase your true Minnesotan pride on your wedding day.

1. Rustic Feel. Alright so lets just admit it, Minneapolis is no flashy New York City or Los Angeles. Everyone can probably relate to telling a non-Minnesotan that you’re from here and their response being something along the lines of them thinking you live in the middle of a corn field. Although this misconceived notion is obviously false, we definitely have more of a rustic, small-town feel in many areas within our great state. And that’s what we love about it! Some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve seen have incorporated this theme into their big day. They’ve got that perfect Minnesotan charm you’ve been looking for.





2. Lakes. You know how the saying goes… the glorious land of 10,000 lakes. Being a true Minnesotan, some of your favorite memories are probably filled with enjoying long weekends at cozy lake cabins, spending sunny summer days cruising Lake Minnetonka with friends, that annual fishing trip with dad and grandpa, or just relaxing at a beach on your day off. Somehow incorporating lake life into your wedding day whether it be in photography, reception site, or any other aspect of the event is a definite way to hilight your true Minnesotan roots.




3. Sports. Minnesota sports are something that brings everyone together as a state. For the most part, they’re something we can all agree on, they show where our loyalties lay, and lets face it, they’re pretty fun to cheer on (because we’re usually the underdog). For all you die hard Minnesotan sports fan couples out there, you’ll love the idea of incorporating your favorite Minnesota team into your wedding day. Weddings at TCF Bank stadium and Target Field are some of our absolute favorites to plan and photograph. However, if you don’t opt for having your event at the actual field / stadium, you can still show your pride by just having a sports themed wedding, or getting some shots with your favorite teams jerseys.




4. Landmarks. Somehow incorporating your favorite Minnesota landmarks into your your wedding day whether it be just within the photography or the actual venue of your event is a sure fire way to capture the true Minnesotan in you. We’ve seen couples incorporate everything from well-known land marks like the state capitol, to landmarks that are just personal to just them as a couple, such as the place they had their first date. Whatever it may be, capturing shots at landmarks will document the places that you as a couple hold near and dear to your heart. Places that will forever be special to you.





5. Embracing the weather. As we touched on earlier, Minnesota isn’t exactly known for it’s perfect weather conditions. But obviously, this is no big surprise to you! No matter what season you’re planning your wedding for, just remember to keep in mind that mother nature has  a mind of her own. A true Minnesotan bride should expect the unexpected when it comes to this, and just embrace your special day no matter what the temps or weather conditions bring!





Looking back on your special day 10, 20 or even 50 years down the road, you’ll always remember where you and your hubby got your start; right here in good ol’ Minnesota. If you’re still looking for ideas, or even just an extra set of hands in pulling it all together, try one of our Minneapolis Wedding Planners. They’re the best in the business for everything wedding, and everything Minnesotan. (Oh Yaaaaa, You Betcha).

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