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A Special Something for that Special Someone | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Your big day has finally arrived. Even though it should be YOUR day, it is important to thank the people in your life who made this day possible. A personal and creative gift or message can show the extra important people in your life how much you appreciate them and all they do for you.

How special is a letter to your mother or father on your wedding day? Simply writing a personal note and saying “thank you” can mean the world to your family. They will really appreciate that you took the time to create something special and personal. It is becoming very popular to have a message embroidered on a handkerchief for your parents or future in-laws. They’ll love having something to cherish from you wedding, and will definitely need something to help them contain the happy tears!

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A simple addition to one of your wedding details can be sweet and memorable. Write a note to your bride or groom on the bottom of a shoe, embroider the date on your wedding attire, or add a charm to a tie or bouquet! A Minneapolis Wedding Planner can help you brainstorm the perfect way to show your love.

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Opening a gift or letter from your future bride or groom can be such a precious moment. If you choose not to see each other before walking down the aisle, a little message to your sweetie can only increase their excitement for the big reveal!  If you do see each other before the ceremony, a little gift exchange can be a great way to start off the day!

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Whatever you decide, make sure a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer is there to capture the moment!

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