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Tips & Trends for a Guest Book Alternative | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

I’m sure your guests are exceptional and anything but ordinary, so why not have the guest book be extra special too? A standard guest book used to be a staple of every wedding, but now many couples are finding cute and creative ways to differentiate from the norm. You can learn a lot from your wedding guests, so a “tip” jar, wish list, or even a friendly note can be a fun way to learn from some of the most important people in your life and their own marriage experiences. A Minneapolis Wedding Planner can help you think of the sweetest way to have your guests share their words.

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A great way to have a photo of each guest as well as their personal words of advice is to have your guests take a Polaroid or photo booth photo and include their sweet stories.

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One couple had each guest fill out a card to be mailed at a later date. Another one of our lovely couples had their guests share a message in a bottle to be opened on future anniversaries.  What fun ways to have reminders of your big day later on!



In addition to you wedding photos, add a guest book alternative as a decoration in your home! Whether it’s a piece of art or a book that incorporates signatures and engagement photos, these personal touches can be wonderful reminders of your wedding to admire every day.

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Another great idea is having your guests sign something personal that highlights your personalities or adds to your reception decor.

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However you decide to incorporate your guests into your wedding memories, make sure a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer captures your creativity!

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