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Bridal Party Photo Fun | Minneapolis Wedding Photographers

When choosing your bridal party, it is essential to choose people that make you smile, laugh, and will add to the many memories created on your wedding day. Once you pick your group and your wedding day arrives, make sure to highlight why each person is such an important part of your life and your big day. Your wedding is a rare opportunity to photograph everyone together and dressed up, so take advantage and have fun with it!

It is becoming very popular to take a break from the all of the formal photos and include more creative shots. In addition to the traditional group photos, make sure to include some lively shots that capture some of the natural smiles and laughter. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have a blast getting creative and goofy!

A Minneapolis Wedding Photographer can help you think of cute and clever photos to take with your group, as well as snap some great candids to capture all of the organic moments that make for great memories.¬†Sometimes, all you need are some props or a great photographer to secure some fun photos you’ll cherish forever.
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Funny, natural, or all around crazy photos can be a great addition to your wedding day collection. You might not remember what you were laughing at, but I’m sure you’ll laugh again when you look back! Bellagala offers a variety of photography packages that will ensure you get the photos you want.


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