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Why Your Wedding is Like The Oscars | Minneapolis Event Planners

We all know that fantastic time of year that The Oscars roll around, and we curl up on the couch ready to judge dresses, hair dos, and glamorous moments! Strangely enough, our intern team here at Bellagala has realized that Weddings aren’t too much different! Here’s a few of our favorite reasons why your wedding is kind of like The Oscars…


It takes months and months of planning (with your Minneapolis Wedding Planner of course) and probably a few miniature melt downs about who should sit at what table.












































You’ll walk down a carpet and have about a hundred pictures taken of you (start channel ing your inner Angelina Jolie pose.)











































This bride has her signature look down!























Knowing it’ll be the party of the century & you need your MN Event Planner to help you keep it together!








You’ll spend weeks trying on dress after dress to find the show stopper and remembered for years after.


Getting your Event Planners MN to find the find the grand entrance that will turn heads! We all turn to look at who’s leg is stepping out of that limo.


There’s always the girls that show up in the same dress….(this time it’s not that awkward).


There’s attractive men in suits…everywhere.


So…there you have it! Whether you’re planning your wedding, attending one, or looking back…I’m sure you’ll see the similarities between the two fabulous events! Although it might not be as big as The Oscars, Bellagala Event Planners have got it all under control…and you can guarantee it’ll be a party to remember!




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