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The Season of Giving | Wedding Party Favors | Minneapolis Event Planning

As we have all learned, there is nothing like gift-giving – especially when it is done right and the recipients love what they get. This holiday season is a great time to start thinking about how you will gift your guests. Bellagala weddings have sought to make their guests feel appreciated, shedding some extra love with sweets, drinks, keepsakes and more. Your welcome to take a peek at these gifts and see how our Minneapolis Event Planners can serve as helpful elves!

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Themed Gifts – The perfect way to start the giving is an item that matches the theme of your wedding. These wands and masks not only are a nice keepsake, but also heighten the fun!

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KooziesMugs – Water Bottles – Mason Jars: the gifts that keep on giving: These can be used all year round, for your chilled summer drink or your cup of cocoa. They also provide a place for a sweet message for your guests.

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Specialty drinks: This is your chance to pick your favorite beverage and allow your guests to share in your delight. There are numerous possibilities for just how fancy this drink can be.

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Shoes: Your guests will definitely be thanking you if they have this excuse to take off their uncomfortable heels and dress shoes. Sandals give you a wise way to treat your guests. Now they have nothing stopping them from dancing the night away!

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Goodies To-Go – candy, s’mores and candy bars: The only thing better than eating free wedding food is being able to take it with you! You can pick your favorite treats and even match with the color scheme of the day.



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Jam and Honey Jars: Another sweet treat can come in a jar – give your guests something to add a little sweetness to their day for many days to come with a jar of jam or honey with a message on it.

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A Plant – the gift that grows! A small plant is a unique way to gift your guests with something that lasts.

blog 7 - plantsIn the end, one of the most important parts of your wedding day is who shares it with you. Be creative so your guests will know you really thought about their gift. Our Minneapolis Event Planners are ready to help you find a stress-free way to give back to your loved ones.

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