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Top 10 Must-Capture Moments | Minneapolis Wedding Photography

Many know that one of the most important aspects of a wedding is capturing it all through beautiful photographs to record the memory of the day. Bellagala is here to help – we offer services with the top Minneapolis Wedding Photographers with over 30 photographers to choose from. You are sure to find your match as we pair you with your photographer based on which style you like. We have compiled a list of the top ten “Kodak moments” that you will want in that timeless, priceless photo album you will be sharing for years to come!

1)    Getting Ready:

Make sure to have your photographer present through all the special moments that come with getting ready. You can practically feel the anticipation through these photos!

Getting Ready Blog

2)    First Look:

What a moment! The first time you and your partner see each other on one of the biggest days of your lives. Don’t miss this look.


3)    The Groom’s Expression:

Many assume the bride is the one to give all the attention to during her procession, but don’t forget about the groom – his expression is definitely photo-worthy as he awaits his girl.


4)    The Little One’s:

We can’t get enough of these sweeties. Your photographer will make sure to include their precious actions throughout the night.

little boy

5)    The Guests:

Gathering together to celebrate a couple’s love is something that brings joy to many. Our photographers love to capture the genuine, organic moments of everyone having a good time throughout the day.

6)    The Family:

Having the whole family together can be difficult these days, but when it does happen for this special event, take time together appreciating what you have.

Three generations:


7)    The Bonding of the Bros & Gals:

There’s a reason you chose who you did for your wedding party. Have fun with your rare chance for a photo session together!


8)    The Cake:

You put a lot of effort into your dream wedding cake, taste-testing your way through all the best Wedding Cakes Minneapolis has to offer. Whether you delicately take the first bite or shove it in your partner’s face, it’s a moment we all wait for!


9)    The Details:

Whether you had the help of Minneapolis Wedding Planners or not, their was a lot of thought put into the little details for you and your guests to enjoy. Make sure they get recorded for your photo album. Especially take care to record your gorgeous wedding bouquet from the Minneapolis Wedding Florist you chose.


10) The Dancing:

So many wonderful moments happen on the dance floor. From that sentimental first dance to the crazy-fun dance party through the night, get your photographer dancing with you!


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