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It’s All Fun And Games | Minneapolis Wedding Planning

Dancing the night away is a great way for guests to help the bride and groom celebrate their new marriage and life together but not everyone likes to dance! Getting your guests involved on your big day is key in the Minneapolis Event Planning process. You’ll want to find creative ways for your guests to give you advice, have fun and most of all spend time with you! We’ve put together some fantastic ways to get your guests up and moving.

1.) The most common games during a wedding is called the shoe game! This game consists of the bride, groom, their shoes and guest questions. The bride and groom sit in chairs back to back and usually the MC asks questions about their relationship. An example may be “Who is a better driver?” or “Who makes dinner?” The bride and groom will then answer with the corresponding shoe! To make your guests more involved, have them write down a question and place it in a jar and the MC of the night can then grab questions from the jar.


2.) The clicking of the glasses is always a classic tradition, why not mix it up? Have your guests sing a song, recite a poem, or mad-lib with the word love in it to have the couple kiss! It’s still keeping the tradition but just adding a modern twist.


3.) Have a photo station with silly props like boas, clown glasses, picture frames, the famous mustache, and masquerade masks, just to name a few! Have a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer stationed at the booth to capture the moment.


4.) Classic games such as I Spy and Mad-Libs are a hit for guests that may be shy dancers that don’t like to groove to Minneapolis Wedding DJs! This gets the guests engaged with what is going on around them without having to get up out of their sits, this creates for conversation starters and lots of laughter.



5.) Getting advice from family, friends and other married couples is another way to get your guests involved with not only your wedding but it also allows you to have a personal keep sake after your special day! There are endless ways you can get your guests to write a piece of advice for you. A few ideas we have are, having a “tip jar,” leaving a message in a bottle, or even writing on a Jenga puzzle piece.







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