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Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue as You Say “I Do” | Minneapolis Event Planners

Debating which traditions to follow and which to skip as you are wedding planning? There is something to be said for the timeless tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. On such a monumental day, the idea that you have a little extra luck can be a huge comfort. Take a look at how these four traditions were followed by some Bellagala brides as Minnesota Wedding Planners.


Something Old: a symbol of continuity…

This choice can be one of the hardest – finding something of your own that represents the past you, while also representing the transition to a new life with your partner. Many brides choose a simple clutch while others choose some of their favorite jewelry. You could even choose your much-loved party shoes and save on costs; it might not be the oldest item you could find, but it connects your fun past with your exciting future!


Something New: a symbol for a hopeful future…

This is the extra exciting choice – a chance to find a brand new item that represents your optimism for the future. Many brides count their new gown, displaying a dress that is completely their own.


Others add even more newness by accenting their dress with a trendy belt or adding a barrette to their wedding hair do.



Something Borrowed: a symbol of borrowed happiness

This is my favorite part – a chance to connect with your mother, grandmother or any other important person in your life by borrowing a special item of theirs and finding a unique way to add it to your look!  Checkout these precious moments the Bellagala photographers captured as the brides received their borrowed jewelry.

brides& moms

Or consider borrowing a vintage gown! These are often timeless dresses that everyone is sure to admire.


Something Blue: A symbol of purity, love and fidelity…

This is when it becomes extra fun. Brides often add to their look with a touch of blue in unexpected ways! Nothing like blue shoes to show some personality. A pop of color in your bridal bouquet – whether with flowers or jewels – is a gorgeous way to add your blue. Or add a more unseen, subtle touch of blue with a message on your shoe!


Want to conquer two traditions in one? Follow these clever brides by sewing a blue, borrowed handkerchief into your dress. A delicate, antique touch that both bonds you to someone special and grants you luck for your future.

something blue

This bride carried her handkerchief with her for the day with her floral bouquet.


Whatever you decide, remember it’s a combination of the tradition with your unique touch that gives it its magic. Don’t be afraid to make your day your own!


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