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Cocktail Party Wedding Receptions | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Lately, brides and grooms have been branching out from holding a traditional wedding, to incorporating new ideas and themes into their special day.  One of the newest trends of celebrities and wedding planners is to hold a cocktail party instead of a full meal reception.  These cocktail party receptions not only let you break away from the traditional reception, a full meal followed by a dance, but allow you to try new things and get creative with your celebration.0792

Don’t worry!  Just because there isn’t a meal at the cocktail reception, doesn’t mean that your guests will be left starving and eating your flower arrangements.  Cocktail receptions are actually the perfect opportunity to hire a catering company.  The key is to serve hors d’oeuvres.  Some planners suggest starting off with smaller ones served by the staff, followed by treat or appetizer tables set out later on that evening.  Just imagine serving numerous, dainty and delightful treats to your guest, while they are still able to socialize and enjoy the entertainment at your reception.  By catering your event with hors d’oeuvres, you are able to offer your guest a larger variety of foods, as well.


Cocktail party receptions are planned with an emphasis around the drinks, dancing, and socialization.  Since you will probably save some money by having hors d’oeuvres instead of a full meal, don’t be afraid to get creative with the drinks.  Really celebrate your special day with fancy champagne or create your very own custom mixed drink for the staff to serve to your guests.


Since this type of reception is less focused on the food, be sure to offer exceptional entertainment to your guests.  Hire an upbeat band to perform at your wedding or try a less traditional type of entertainment, such as ballroom dancers.  With the extra space and the social atmosphere, your guests will feel more inclined to dance, too!


Another plus to having a cocktail reception is that you are able to select less traditional locations.  While tradition meal receptions require a large enough space to fit tables and a dance floor, cocktail parties can fit in smaller rooms and still accommodate all of your guests.  On the other hand, if you love a wedding hall that is normally used for full dinner receptions, by using high rise tables and planning a cocktail reception at that location will allow you to invite even more of your friends and family!



















Having a cocktail wedding reception gives you many opportunities to explore different ideas and to get creative with how you choose to celebrate your special day.  Although you are breaking away from the traditional reception, you are still able to tie in those elements, such as cutting the cake and dancing, to make your day exactly how you dreamt it to be.


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