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Five Ways To Get Your Bridesmaids To Say I Do | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Once the engagement and major details of the wedding are set in stone such as the venue and the date. One of the next steps would be to decide who you would like to have by your side on your big day! This can be a hard decision for those that have a large group of family and friends. Deciding is not only the hard part, but how you go about asking is an entirely different story. We’ve put together some creative ways that brides can use to ask their bridesmaids to be a part of their special day!

1.) Take them on an adventure or scavenger hunt! Set up clues around your local park or hometown that incorporate the theme of your wedding and at the end give them a present of your choice for completing the tasks. You’ll just know that they’ll have your back on your big day!

2.) Purchase personalized hangers made for each bridesmaid with their name on them or with the title, bridesmaid.


3.) Put together a wedding day survival kit of the necessities that each bridesmaid might need that day. Some items you could include: deodorant, hair spray, q-tips, Tylenol, mints, candy, chapstick or lip gloss, heel stoppers, mini sewing kit, tissues, and bobby pins, just to name a few!

4.) Purchase personalized robes with bridesmaid on the back or give each bridesmaid a stylish clutch to carry around on your special day.


5.) Pop the question with a ring pop or another sweet treat like a cupcake or macron.

These are a few ideas to propose to your bridesmaids but the possibilities are endless! By using one of these creative ways rather than just a simple card, it will get your maids excited to be apart of such a defining moment in your life. Be sure to ask your Minneapolis wedding photographer to capture the moment to cherish the memory! With a lot of planning and thought, all the women you invite to be a part of your wedding party, will be sure to say I do!





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