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Cupcakes vs. Cake – Trendy vs. Traditional | Minnesota Wedding Cakes

Arguably one of the most memorable parts of the reception is the finale of the meal – the wedding¬†cake. This leaves couples searching for the cake that satisfies their tastebuds along with their guests’. At the same time, couples strive to capture the wedding’s theme visually.

Luckily companies like Buttercream are up for the challenge. Buttercream wedding cakes come in over 30 flavors, made with natural ingredients and no preservatives, and they work with you to find your dream cake. Now which option do you choose?

Most popular and traditional for centuries is the multi-tiered wedding cake. It becomes a gorgeous decorative focus at the reception and leaves plenty of room for creative cake toppers – the traditional Bride and Groom, beautiful flowers, the couple’s initials, or anything else to make the cake original. Plus, you can freeze the top tier and save it for an anniversary memento.


This can be your “something blue” with this blue wedding cake.


Here’s a simple yet unique wedding cake idea.


We love this black and white wedding cake!

A new trend, the cupcake, allows you to skip the difficult decision of choosing one flavor and instead, allows you to choose a variety of fun mini-wedding cakes with individual decorations topping each guests’ own cake. It may not follow tradition, but what a fun way to please your guests with the freedom to choose their own favorite. It also becomes a great way to avoid conflict between you and your partner as there is no need to compromise on one flavor and one design!


So many wedding cake flavors!


Build a tower of delight!



Definitely a modern wedding cake!


Want to be even more innovative while still sticking with the cake flavor? Cakepops, a ball of cake atop a stick, have become a way to give guests a bite-size treat, a multitude of flavor choices, and a fun new way to enjoy their cake. The couple can even put a traditional small cake on top of the tower – a way to have your cake and eat it too!


So which route do you take? Do you stick with tradition and choose a grand and beautiful wedding cake? Or break tradition and go for the trendier cupcake, allowing guests more of a choice? Or… do you dare to go even further and make a cakepop tower? Whatever the choice, Bellagala is there to help you make it and see it through. And of course, our photographers will be there to capture that memorable
first bite battle! Visit Bellagala today and taste test your way to your dream cake!




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