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Unique Ways to Embellish Your Bridal Bouquet | Minneapolis Wedding Planners

Looking for a way to spice up a traditional flower bouquet on your special day or simply thinking about foregoing flowers all together? Many brides have recently been adding some sparkle to their bouquets with brooches. We’ve seen small brooches intertwined within flowers as well as bouquets with just brooches in sizes and shapes of all kind. Adding pearls, feathers, lace or diamonds can give your bouquet that extra touch to make it shine. Skies the limit with what you can come up with! Keep in mind that a customized brooch bouquet allows you to make it one of kind! These bouquets are very unique in the sense that you can keep it to have and to hold for a lifetime, as with traditional flowers become more delicate with time and tend to dry out and fade. Instead of collecting dust in a storage box, bouquets could be put on display in your home or passed down though generations to keep the memory of your special day alive. Brooches are easily found at various antique and boutique shops in the Minneapolis Area and can also be found online. The search for the uttermost perfect brooch is half the fun! But nothing beats the final product of a beautiful glamorous bouquet for all your guests to gawk at.

























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