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Live Band vs. DJ : Wedding Reception Music

Picking fun and lively music for your reception is a must in order to guarantee a fun time for both you and your guests! While it may seem like a difficult decision, our Minnesota Wedding Music Bands and Minneapolis Wedding DJs can work with you one-on-one to decide how best to make your reception absolutely unforgettable.


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The first decision you will have to consider is whether or not you would like to hire a live band or musician, or a DJ. When making this decision, be sure to incorporate your budget, available space at your venue, and musical preferences. Either way, you will want to choose a DJ or band that best showcases you and your partner’s musical taste and tone that you want to set at your reception. Do you want tens of thousands of bright, upbeat tunes at the ready for your guests to dance to? A Wedding DJ Minnesota may be a great choice for you! Would you prefer a subdued string quartet for your first dance? Our Minnesota Reception Bands can be a great addition to your celebration! 7e567369396f7bc1781e5cc6b8917cb4 7eb25525133a3e036926c7da7b13f7ca   422bd5a7b33a49a727e3b4d601883d13 5010cd92950fb5463b9181ee85fa6d32

One trend that we love is to include both types – for example, having a live band perform at your ceremony followed by a hip DJ for your reception! This is a great compromise for those looking for classical wedding music as well as lively songs better-suited for groovin’ on the dance floor. Either way, our take a look at our Minnesota Wedding DJ Prices for ideas on how to incorporate different types of music on your wedding day!

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After deciding which type of music you would love to have for your reception, work with your musicians or DJs to pick a fun and entertaining playlist! If your guest list includes a variety of age groups, be sure to consider a wide range of preferences when picking songs for the evening. From slow, sentimental ballads to fun and funky beats, our Minnesota, Wedding Reception Bands will make sure to keep your guests entertained all night long!

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