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Adding a Little Something Extra to Your Wedding Day | Uniquely Bellagala

Making your special stand out amongst many weddings occurring during the same season can be a tricky thing to do. Thankfully, Bellagala offers many services that can transform your wedding from a routine get-together to a stunning event that will be remembered forever!

The first way to amaze your guests is to paint the walls of your ceremony or reception venue with vibrant colors! We don’t mean literally painting the walls with a brush, but instead adding a pop of color from Minneapolis event lighting. The little touch of color adds something unexpected and also turns your wedding space into a dream! Not to mention that the lighting adds an amazing effect in your photos!


Another tactic to make your guests “ooh” and “ahh”  is to display an amazing ice sculpture for wedding Minnesota. You can personalize your ice sculpture to capture your relationship and it also sets a classy and chic tone for the event site!


Minneapolis photo booths are also a great way to get your guests to interact into your wedding day! Can you think of anything more fun then putting on a gigantic pair of sunglasses or a boa and posing for a photo shoot? Neither can we! Plus the pictures will last a lifetime for your guests, making it impossible to forget!

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Lastly, ending the night with edible party favors Minneapolis as a “little something extra” will have your guests raving about your wedding for months! They will leave an amazing experience with a treat that can be enjoyed the next day. How can that not be make it a memorable experience?


Even adding one of these special details into your wedding day is an easy solution to having your special day stand out. So contact Bellagala today to ensure your wedding will be the talk of the season!


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