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What To Wear

I have had a lot of brides ask me what to wear to their engagement shoot. It is a great question! If you ladies out there are anything like me, you would stand in front of your closet trying on every outfit you own and proceed to have a clothing meltdown, resulting in a manic shopping spree at Banana Republic.

Here are a few suggestions to prevent a wardrobe malfunction:

1. Dress comfortably. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, it will come across on camera. This is not the time to try and squeeze in to your skinny jeans or a brand new dress you have never worn. Pick something that is tried and true, that you know looks good on you and makes you feel great. A lot of people like to wear jeans. I love jeans. In fact, I have jean pajamas. (Okay, that is not true, but I do love jeans). Jeans make for a great base and go with anything, and they are flattering on almost everyone.

2. Wear color. Black and white are not the best on camera. They do nothing to enhance skin tone. Pick a solid color that you like, blues and greens and browns are universally good choices.

3. Don’t go crazy. Lots of intricate patterns don’t translate well in pictures. They can end up looking blurry or fuzzy. And don’t do patterns with patterns. If you do want a pattern, pick a simple one for your top, keep your pant simple and basic. Also, some people have a tendancy to go crazy with jewelry/accessories. This tends to take away the focus from your beautiful faces. Keep it minimal and not super shiny and reflective. Except for the bling bling engagement ring, shine that baby up!

4. Think about your location. If you are going to be taking pictures outside, dress accordingly. You may get dirty (our photographers are extreme!) or it may be windy, etc. Or if you are going somewhere that is dominantly one color, wear a complimentary color, not a matching color. (Don’t wear red to go stand in front of a red brick building.)

5. When in doubt, ask for help. Your photographer has done this before and would be more than happy to offer suggestions.

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