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The Wedding Party – Say Thanks

At 26, I am in that age bracket where everyone is getting married. In fact, Walter and I have seven weddings to go to this summer, not including ours. That is a lot of weddings to attend! Fortunately, I was only asked to be in one.

Getting asked to be in the wedding is something a lot of my friends dread. Why? Because being in a wedding costs a lot of money. Plain and simple. There is the dress or tux, jewelry, shoes, showers, bachelor/ette parties, airfare, time off from work – I could go on, but I think you get my point.

(I actually had a few friends say to me, that if I didn’t ask them to be in the wedding they would give me a better gift. Sounds like a deal!)

Here is the kicker – the lame ” thank you” gift. After your wedding party shells out bucko bucks to be apart of your big day, what do they get in return? Yeah, another engraved shot glass! Talk about adding insult to injury…

Let’s show those who said “yes” to us that we really appreciate it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a meaningful and personal gift. Perhaps it is sneakers that coordinate with your wedding colors (Converse $40) or engraved cuff links to go with the tuxes. For the girls, a great gift is hair and makeup service for the wedding day. (A little pampering goes a long way.)

If you feel comfortable, during the toasts, recognize the wedding party and say thank you to them in front of all the guests.

After the wedding, putting together a small album or framed photo for each person is another great idea.

I think every gift should be accompanied by a card, that expresses how much INSERT BRIDESMAID/GROOMSMEN NAME HERE means to you. It may sound a little sappy or corny, but that is what weddings are all about right?

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