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Find Your Perfect Event Site

One of the hardest things to do, and also one of the most important, is finding your reception location. I know, because I just went through it not too long ago. Walter and I actually started looking for a reception location before we were officially engaged because I knew that finding something that would work for us and our budget was going to take time and effort.

To start the process, we first put together a general budget and guest list (little did we know how much it would grow!). With those to things in mind we had to then decide what time of year would be best. Unfortunately our budget worked for non-peak dates but our guest list demanded a Saturday sometime in June or July, peak wedding season… We then decided what kind of event we wanted to have and settled on an hors d’oeuvres reception. Armed with this information it was time to start looking.

The first stop, I contacted some event sites but had a hard time getting a response. Through my pre-Bellagala life I remembered a resource that I thought wouldn’t really do much for us but turned out to be the best informational gathering tool ever. It is

You can fill out your event specifics (i.e. size, date, preferred location) and it is emailed to a ton of event sites and hotels around the Twin Cities. Within 24 hours I had over 15 responses from various event sites with information and their availability. We ended up finding our site, the Sheraton Four Points, through here. The best part, it is free. I would highly recommend it to every bride.

Additionally, the Bellagala web site has a Find Site feature where you can search by site name, size, location, type.

What is nice about our web site is that you can see pictures of the space and even watch some videos. You can even email your own personal video list (from any of the videos on our web site) to your friends and family. This is great for linking to your wedding web site as well.

We are constantly adding new sites with more information and soon there will more features to improve the information and enhance the experience.

A great new site for anyone in the market: FIVE. Trendy restaurant cum private event space with style! I was just at the opening and the space is great. There was also food by their approved caterers: Wolfgang Puck, D’Amico Catering and Mintahoe. Each caterer had something unique and delicious; all three a perfect pair with the event space. It will work for a sit down dinner (200 guests) or cocktail reception (400 guests). This space is so new it isn’t on our web site yet, but if you are interested you can receive more information by emailing

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