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Building A Budget

Today I want to briefly write about a boring wedding topic, the Budget. Everywhere you turn, wedding magazines, online resources and other couples are spouting the words of wisdom, “build a budget”. And they are ALL right. Yet, more often than not, when I ask couples if they have set their budget the answer is no.

I am confused by this. With the staggering costs of weddings these days, it is a wonder anyone can even start the planning process without one.

The reason I care so much about budgeting is this: I have seen too many couples set themselves up for disappointment and debt.

In the wedding business we like to sell “the dream wedding”. This is the wedding you see in movies, the wedding with the $30 chair and $50 charger plate, with a giant ice luge for appletinis. All of this is very nice, and it is feasible for a small percentage of couples, but for the majority of us we have to stick to the chairs provided by the banquet hall and Jell-O shots.

It is so easy to get caught up in the romance and beauty. I know, it happens to me! But with a budget mapped out, I know where I can spend my dollars, and spend them in a way to maximize my wedding dream.

By setting a budget you can then determine the Big Three (or four) vendors you want to splurge on and what your wedding priorities are. Typically, it is the reception/food, photographer and entertainment. But it is entirely up to you. If you really want to focus on your dress, floral and honeymoon, great! After that, you now are able to figure out your guest list. If you want filet mignon for meal but you only have alloted $2,000 for the dinner, you aren’t going to be able to have 250 guests.

If you don’t know where to start, many wedding web sites, such as, have budget advice and even budget calculators to help you get started, and then stay on track. A little budgeting in the beginning is going to save you time and disappointment and help you spend your money wisely.

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