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4 Months To Go!

Well, as you may have gleaned from my previous blog entries, I am getting married in July. That is a little less than four months from now. It seems like yesterday that I got engaged and the wedding was over a year away! And now it seems like tomorrow I will wake up and be married.

Some of the latest wedding developments:

1. I picked up my dress last week. Fits like a glove, thankfully, and I didn’t break out into hives like Carrie on Sex and the City, so those are both good signs. When I tried it on at the store (Raffine Bridal Boutique in Stillwater) it hit me like a ton of bricks that I am really getting married. For real. There’s no turning back now, at least not without a lot of unbuttoning.

2. Had our cake tasting. When “Walter” and I first got engaged and were talking about our wedding wishes, he really wanted ice cream cake for the reception. For a wedding, ice cream cake is not practical for obvious reasons. So we decided to do ice cream cake for the rehearsal dinner. For our reception cake, we went to Buttercream last weekend to try some cake samples. (When there is food involved, Walter is there!) Of course the cake was delicious and we both liked the same flavors. Another good sign!

3. Started our dance lessons. Last night was lesson #4 and we are having so much fun! Monica, our dance instructor, is so awesome. I never thought we would dance the way we are now. That is mostly because I thought Walter was going to be a terrible dancer (I met him at a club and was witness to some of his skillz), but it turns out he is pretty good! We are both excited to look like graceful adults, instead of nervous prom kids swaying back and forth to the music, for our first dance.

The dream is starting to turn in to reality…

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