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Lucky Number 7

Raise your hand if you are getting married on 07/07/07. (You can’t see it, but I am raising my hand.) It turns out, a lot of couples have chosen July 7th, 2007 for their wedding date. It is estimated to be the biggest wedding day of the century. A recent article in the Star Tribune talks about this in more detail:]

The article got me thinking about being lucky. For those couples who couldn’t get the 7/7/07 date, what other lucky ideas could be incorporated into a wedding?

One "lucky" idea for centerpieces is bamboo. Traditionally a Chinese symbol of longevity, bamboo is also considered a symbol of luck. Heather Farrier AFID, the floral designer for Festivities in Buffalo, loves to incorporate untraditional items, such as bamboo, into centerpieces and other wedding arrangements. “Bamboo goes great in arrangements with orchids and other tropical flowers. It is a unique touch for couples looking for something a little different,” Heather said.

I am doing some bamboo centerpieces for the high cocktail tables at my reception. It is a quick and simple do-it-yourself centerpiece. I went to IKEA and bought the largest bamboo sticks they sell, about 18″ or so, with some of the curly bamboo at the top. IKEA also sells slender glass vases with a small base that hold the bamboo perfectly. (You could also go a little more elaborate with a larger glass container and rocks.) What I am doing is putting the bamboo in the vase (with a little water) and then getting loose orchid stems from Bellagala floral to put in with the bamboo as well. You could use silk flowers I imagine but I like the look of real.

To finish off the centerpiece I bought some lime green votive holders from IKEA as well that go great with the green bamboo. I am going to place three candles around the centerpiece and voila! The whole centerpiece will cost less than $10 per table.

Long been a symbol of luck in America, the horseshoe presents some creative possibilities for wedding decor. A wedding I planned a few summers back had a western theme. We used the horseshoe a few different ways. First, we put a horseshoe over the door going in to the reception hall. Second, at each place setting we had a placecard, which consisted of a mini-horseshoe holding the atendee’s name. Third, custom cookies were made in the shape of a horseshoe for the party favors. This was my favorite idea because everyone loves getting a party favor they can eat. The frosting on the horseshoe cookies matched the wedding colors.

The four leaf clover can provide luck to all you Irish couples out there (and to the non-Irish ones as well). Although it may be tough to make a centerpiece out of four leaf clovers, I can think of some other ways to utilize it. I think it would be really great for wedding stationery. A simple clover motif on your save the date card, invitations, thank you cards could add just a little luck. If you are doing escort cards or placecards you could carry the clover theme through to those as well.

A lottery ticket isn’t really a symbol of luck, but some couples are buying lottery tickets to give away as their party favors. Hopefully one of their guests gets lucky and wins big. Of course, the polite thing would be to share with the bride and groom.

Gretchen Zafft – Sales Director

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