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To Tip or not to Tip, that is the question

When I have been meeting with clients lately, one question has been coming up on a regular basis. Who do we tip? Many magazines and online resources offer mixed messages on the correct etiquette as to tipping your wedding day vendors. The short and sweet version: when in doubt, tip. Your wedding vendors are integral in making your wedding day a success.

Here are some vendors you should tip for sure:

DJ – it is standard in the DJ industry to tip your DJ. The gratuity is typically 15-20% of the show price. Just like your waitstaff at a restaurant, most DJs rely on your tip for the majority of their compensation. Your DJ is one of the biggest contributors to your wedding day success. They are in charge of keeping the flow of your reception going and your guests entertained. They keep the dance floor full and handle your drunk bridesmaids with tact and ease.

Hair & Makeup Artist – just like in a salon, tipping is 15% – 20% of the price. These artists are responsible for your wedding day beauty.

Chauffeur – you tip your taxi driver so why wouldn’t you tip your limo driver? After all, this person is in charge of getting you to your wedding on time! All chauffeurs should receive a gratuity. Standard tip is 15% – 20% of the total transportation price. Some packages include gratuity but don’t assume.

These vendors aren’t expecting a tip, but it is highly recommended:

Event Site/Catering Coordinator – often overlooked, this person many times takes on the role of a wedding planner at your reception site. They also handle the food portion of your event, which can make or break your big day.

Wedding Planner – this person allows you to enjoy your wedding day and not stress about the details. They are your eyes and ears and arms, making sure everything goes smoothly and as planned. Additionally, they provide invaluable advice and experience that can save you money.

Photographer – you spend a lot of time with your photographer the day of your event. They are in charge of getting all of your wedding memories documented in a timely fashion. A photographer can help or hinder your timeline; keeping you on track and getting all the photos you desire is not as simple as it sounds.

Band Leader/Musicians – lots of work goes into setting up and performing for your ceremony or reception.

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